Exercise and non-exercise aerobic power prediction models using six-minute walk test

Public in Medical Express (Sao Paulo, online) 2016;3(5):M160502. Written by Vagner Raso, Sandra Marcela Mahecha Matsudo, Marcos Gonçalves de Santana, Rita Aurélia Boscolo, Valter Antônio Rocha Viana, Viviane Grassmann, Sergio Tufik, Marco Túlio de Mello

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: A simple, low-cost approach commonly used to objectively analyze the
cardiorespiratory fitness of individuals with different health conditions is the six-minute walk test (6-MWT). Our objective was to develop peak aerobic power prediction using the six-minute walk test in healthy older men. METHODS: We measured body composition (body mass [BM], body mass index [BMI], fat percentage [FAT]) and peak aerobic power breath-by-breath during cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET [velocity, heart rate [HR] and VO2 at the anaerobic threshold and peak]) and a 6-MWT (distance [D], weight by distance [WxD], HR and oxygen consumption [VO2 ] at peak) in 76 healthy older men aged 65 to 80 years (69.1 ± 0.3 yrs-old). RESULTS: We observed significant correlations for VO2peak during the 6-MWT as a function of WxD (R = 0.75, P < 0.0005), BM (R = 0.56, P < 0.0005), D (R = 0.43, P = 0.0004) and maximum HR (R = 0.37, P = 0.001). Distance correlated significantly with FAT (R = -0.43, P = 0.005), BMI (R = -0.36, P = 0.021) and age (R = -0.31, P < 0.045), whereas WxD correlated with BM (R = 0.86, P<0.005).The inclusion of WxD increased the R2 from 0.65 to 0.74 and decreased the estimative error while yielding the following equation (R = 0.86, standard error of the estimate (SEE) = 182.1 mL•min-1, P < 0.0005) to predict VO2peak: VO2peak = 962.2 + (0.037 x WxD) + (8.565 x maximum HR). A non-exercise model was obtained by univariate regressions but not multiple regressions. The FAT (R = 0.43, SEE = 702.2 m, P < 0.005) yielded the best model for predicting distance, i.e., distance = 702.2 – (3.067 x FAT). CONCLUSION: Our prediction model seems to accurately estimate VO2peak in healthy older men primarily when WxD is considered.

KEYWORDS: Aging, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Male, Maximal Oxygen Uptake.



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