Neighborhood Environments and Physical Activity Among Adults in 11 Countries

Public in American Journal of Preventive Medicine em 2009. Written by James F. Sallis, PhD, Heather R. Bowles, PhD, Adrian Bauman, MBBS, PhD, Barbara E. Ainsworth, PhD, MPH,
Fiona C. Bull, PhD, Cora L. Craig, MSc, Michael Sjöström, MD, PhD, Ilse De Bourdeaudhuij, PhD, Johan Lefevre, PhD, Victor Matsudo, MD, Sandra Matsudo, MD, Duncan J. Macfarlane, Dphil, Luis Fernando Gomez, MD, MPH, Shigeru Inoue, MD, Norio Murase, MD, Vida Volbekiene, PhD, Grant McLean, BA, Harriette Carr, MBChB, MPH, Lena Klasson Heggebo, PhD, Heidi Tomten, PhD, Patrick Bergman, MSc

The present study aimed to address all but the first limitation with a cross-sectional analysis of how neigh-
borhood attributes in 11 countries help adults meet health-enhancing physical activity guidelines. The use
of common methods and survey translation/adaptation protocols justified pooling across countries, creating a database with very wide variability in environments and populations.


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